Release Notes

Version Build Product Text
3.0.12 18079 PC Client Cache option disabled when Cache=No. Integration Test disabled if Live=no.
3.0.12 18079 PC Client Address Book shows correctly when expanding CRM header when search results return no relevant record
3.0.12 18079 PC Client Integration Icons show correctly on Phone Window
3.0.12 18079 PC Client “Add Contact” not shown on Call History for a known extension
3.0.11 18039 PC Client New Layout of User Interface and Product Skin
2.7.2 135E00 Mac Client Clipboard Dialling can now be disabled.
2.6.12 17108 PC Client, Go TAPI Changes to allow licensing to be reset from within the software
2.6.11 17097 Go TAPI Upgrading closes all executable instances. UCTelephony does not keep files open
2.6.11 17097 Go TAPI Help link added to TTM
2.6.11 17097 Go TAPI Reconnecting does not create duplicate Extensions
2.6.11 17097 Go TAPI TTM now localised - translated to OS language
2.6.11 17082 PC Client, Go Operator Call Settings Included
2.6.11 17082 PC Client, Go Operator Call History no longer shows Call Recording information incorrectly
2.6.11 17082 PC Client, Go Operator Telephone numbers returned correctly on searches with Sage 50 Accounts Integration
2.6.11 17081 PC Client, Go Operator Exiting Client when Outlook integration is configured no longer breaks integration
2.6.11 17079 PC Client, Go Operator Google Contacts Integration can support Two-Factor Authentication
2.6.11 17070 PC Client, Go Operator Google Contacts Integration Improved
2.6.10 17070 Go Operator E.164 problem when dialling number beginning with "+" from UC One issues resolved
2.6.10 17068 PC Client, Go Operator Zoho Phonebridge Supported
2.6.10 17068 PC Client, Go Operator If Presence is open and subscription is terminated, the status will change to OFFLINE
2.6.10 17059 Go TAPI Reconnection after sleep issue fixed
2.6.10 17051 Go TAPI Line unnamed issue resolved
2.6.10 17051 Go TAPI TAPI Tray Monitor
2.6.10 17049 Go TAPI New system tray utility added - Tapi Tray Monitor (TTM) added
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI XSI-actions path is not required in server address
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI License count now shows correct number consumed when session starts
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI Extension number shown for line name in Options
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI TAPI Driver does not show "'Site" information on Configuration options
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI Commpilot subscription disabled
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI FWD/ DND/ MSG subscriptions disabled - these are not available in current version
2.6.10 17033 Go TAPI Restart button added
2.6.10 17028 PC Client Availability Status updates correctly when Skype for Business Integration is in use
2.6.10 17026 PC Client Location is available as a column on presence (will contain location information - set on Broadworks)
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, Server, Go Operator Upgrade to version .NET 4.5
2.6.10 17004 Server, Go Operator Addition of new Partner Integrations
2.6.10 17004 Server, Go Operator Support for TLS 1.2
2.6.10 17004 Server, Go Operator Improved support for TLS1.0 disablement
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, Go TAPI Support for Salesforce CRM Integration if Salesforce TLS1.0 critical update is activated
2.6.1 Mac Client DND / FWD Icons Show correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Can search Sugar CRM correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Xing! Integration Correctly Showing as Linked
2.6.1 Mac Client Licences Showing Correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Recent menu behaves like the PC client
2.6.1 Mac Client Location information is showing in the correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client Phone Window Icon shown in correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client The CRM contact correctly showed during the call in Call History
2.6.1 Mac Client Number on clipboard icon no longer obscures DND / FWD Icon
2.6.1 Mac Client Sugar CRM is now in Supported List of Integrations
2.5.40 16366 PC Client Validate Request changed from 100 Seconds to 20 Seconds
2.5.40 16365 Go TAPI TAPI Driver updating the license count Correctly
2.5.40 16365 Go TAPI When the server appears in this style: https://server, monitoring works correctly
2.5.40 16365 PC Client AES Encryption introduced
2.5.40 16361 PC Client “Forgot password” link on the login screen introduced
2.5.38 16356 PC Client Saving new Settings no longer causes client to stop working when "Outgoing As" is used
2.5.38 16354 Go TAPI Using the "UC Full Tapi Driver", "In Service” and “Out of service” events are raised correctly
2.5.38 16350 PC Client Can Set "Alert all Locations"
2.5.38 16348 PC Client, Go Operator Syntax Error on Goldmine Integration Solved
2.5.38 16348 Go TAPI Multiple calls per extension made available by removing the hosted element (<Hosted>0</Hosted>)
2.5.38 16348 Go TAPI Caller/called id NAME is forwarded
2.5.38 16348 PC Client, Go Operator Cached Google Contacts Integration allows user to select Calendar
2.5.38 16345 PC Client, Go Operator Support for Call Pickup using *97
2.5.38 16344 PC Client, Go Operator Country Names for Dutch Language Updated
2.5.38 16344 PC Client, Go Operator Support For Call Pickup using *98
2.5.38 16337 Go Operator Additional Extension information is retained, when user moves from Panel to Panel
2.5.38 16336 Go Operator Call time for contact retained when user moves from Panel to Panel
2.5.38 16334 PC Client, Go Operator Call information on phone window is correct on all call states
2.5.38 16331 Go TAPI Closing down a TAPI connection releases licences correctly
2.5.38 16331 Go TAPI Windows "Remote Access Connection Manager" Service no longer consumes all TAPI Licences
2.5.38 16329 PC Client, Go Operator Service Packs are no longer checked, when Serial Number is in use
2.5.38 16329 PC Client, Go Operator DevOutlook.exe improved to always close when hosting client is exited
2.5.38 16328 Go TAPI Clicking configure on Phone & modems no longer presented with a login form
2.5.38 16323 PC Client, Go Operator Screenpop to Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016 Desktop works correctly
2.5.37 16320 PC Client, Go Operator Further improvements to internationally formatted numbers on Call History: editing the name from the history will also update the history
2.5.37 16319 PC Client, Go Operator MS Access Integration: Selecting the "Form" and "ID" fields in are no longer Failing when selected from drop-down
2.5.37 16319 Go Operator Leak where each call that is received costs 16 "user" handles has been resolved
2.5.37 16318 PC Client, Go Operator Zoho CRM Integration: Support for EU Regional Server added
2.5.37 16317 PC Client, Go Operator Contact search based on internationally formatted numbers are carried out on Call History correctly
2.5.37 16317 PC Client, Go Operator Comm Pilot Express Synchronises Availability Status "None" correctly
2.5.37 16315 PC Client, Go Operator Custom event for "Ringing" on outbound call working correctly
2.5.37 16315 PC Client, Go Operator System tray messages are correctly translated to the selected language
2.5.37 16314 Go Operator 2 lines of information shown for details of a contact
2.5.37 16306 Go Operator Call Duration is Taken from the PBX and not Calculated
2.5.37 16303 PC Client, Go Operator Able to complete consult transfer
2.5.37 16303 PC Client Support for UCOne available for standard 8 digit licence
2.5.37 16301 PC Client, Go Operator Phonehelper dials internal numbers correctly
2.5.37 16301 PC Client, Go Operator Show Presence Option appears in the Call Events menu correctly
2.5.37 16300 PC Client, Go Operator Address book search now able to search based on international characters
2.5.37 16300 PC Client, Go Operator International character now saved correctly to Broadworks Contact
2.5.37 16300 PC Client, Go Operator Address book search now able to search based on characters proceeding any international character
2.5.37 16299 PC Client Upgrading does not delete the serial
2.5.37 16296 PC Client, Go Operator Pickup on Broadworks Platform issue solved
2.5.37 16295 PC Client, Go Operator Fix to allow logging in with Alternative BW name/Account
2.5.37 16295 PC Client Display of branding no version display page
2.5.37 16294 PC Client, Go Operator User security level elevated at start of install to ensure internal msi's run with elevated status, allowing msi's to be deployed properly if admin rights unavailable
2.5.37 16288 PC Client, Go Operator Now able to carry out an "Advanced Address Book search" when there is no content in main field
2.5.37 16287 PC Client, Go Operator Dynamics CRM Integration has been improved to provide the full 9 locations
2.5.37 16285 PC Client, Go Operator Improved searching of Microsoft Outlook partial matches on cached integration
2.5.37 16284 PC Client Area code selection issue resolved
2.5.37 16276 PC Client, Go Operator When Microsoft Outlook Integration is enabled with Data Caching, the "identifier" is no longer removed
2.5.36 16275 PC Client, Go Operator HotKeys now working
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI Any changes to the PBX page, cause a reconnection to the PBX
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI Single Directory Mode available
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI Advanced tab removed
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI If in Single Directory Mode, you change the credentials then it will remove the old extension(s) and download new ones
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI Answer on ringback available
2.5.35 16271 Go TAPI Register for trial working correctly
2.5.35 16258 PC Client Enterprise Common Contact Search is no longer limited to 50 results
2.5.35 16258 PC Client, Go Operator Improve Exact Synergy integration to search for mobile numbers held against "Debitors" and "Creditors" (HRM Module)
2.5.32 16215 PC Client Client reconnects automatically when network connection restored (HTTPS)
2.5.32 16215 PC Client Client shows error in a more timely manner when network connection lost (HTTPS)
2.5.32 16215 PC Client Address Book Searches no longer return duplicates when connection is restored (HTTPS)
2.5.32 16213 PC Client DND is now a valid Meeting State option
2.5.32 16213 PC Client Call Settings Tabs are appropriately shown/hidden based on what is available on Broadworks
2.5.32 16212 PC Client Insertion of HTTPS in front of server name no longer affects 'Call Settings' feature
2.5.32 16211 PC Client Serial number licencing introduced for rental
2.5.32 16210 PC Client, Go Operator On exit of away from desk - availability state reverts back to last known
2.5.32 16205 PC Client Mobile numbers are now picked up by first party client, to appear in Address Book Search
2.5.32 16204 PC Client Presence for extensions is now consistent across all users where a contact also appears in Phone List
2.5.32 16204 PC Client "Please enter number before saving" message appears when entering an empty telephone field
2.5.32 16203 PC Client, Go Operator Area Code improvements for German Language
2.5.32 16195 PC Client, Go Operator Busylight support improved
2.5.32 16192 PC Client Fixed issue of Broadsoft Account Blocked if password changed while logged in on client
2.5.31 16188 PC Client Client connects to SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration when required and disconnects after
2.5.31 16186 PC Client Fixed re-connect bug when network lost when using xsi-cti
2.5.31 16183 PC Client Called Tel showing in bottom panel of presence correctly
2.5.31 16183 PC Client Presence column shows the group the user is part of
2.5.31 16183 Go Operator Maintains BLSF status correctly in presence screen when switched between auto-tab and presence tab
2.5.31 16177 PC Client, Go Operator Calendar Integration settings under Activities now extends to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Contacts Calendar
2.5.30 16176 PC Client, Go Operator HTTPS Interface improved for load balanced environments
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Help icon appears correctly in Windows 10
2.5.30 16175 PC Client, Go Operator Google Contacts opens on correct page
2.5.30 16170 PC Client, Go Operator National and international area codes are pulled through, based on account details
2.5.30 16166 PC Client, Go Operator Russian translations updated
2.5.30 16161 PC Client, Go Operator Maximiser CRM Web Access integration introduced
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Contextual Online Help introduced
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Presence Window can be docked (Windows 8 & 10)
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Notifications on System Tray Introduced
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Transfer call to ring groups
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Preview Windows can be repositioned into 4 quartiles on Screen
2.5.30 16160 PC Client Support for the UC One client introduced
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Transfer to Address Book Contact Introduced
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Call from Desktop phone Introduced for Lync / Skype for Business
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Supports personal phone list
2.5.30 16160 PC Client, Go Operator Salesforce Call Centre Adpater Introduced
2.5.27 16154 PC Client, Go Operator Adjusted Area Codes and Dialling Rules for USA
2.5.27 16154 PC Client, Go Operator Option added to search and dial from Broadworks internal directories
2.5.27 16154 PC Client, Go Operator Call forwarding/DND notification added to Task-tray
2.5.26 16131 PC Client, Go Operator Location Code shown correctly in Configuration menu
2.5.26 16131 PC Client, Go Operator Call History populates correctly on XSI-HTTP
2.5.26 16130 PC Client, Go Operator Belgian STD Codes included
2.5.25 16111 Go TAPI UCFull Tapi Driver no longer crashes Windows Dialer
2.5.22 16106 PC Client, Go Operator Turkish Language Formatting no longer crash Go Integrator
2.5.22 16092 PC Client, Go Operator Not all extensions appear when loading Presence for the first time (XSI-CTI Connections) resolved
2.5.22 16090 PC Client, Go Operator Additional codes sent for International Access & Std Access, allowing for more accurate results
2.4.33 15199 PC Client, Go Operator Farnham Market & Slough Area Codes now separated
2.4.33 15197 PC Client, Go Operator Outgoing CLI is now displayed correctly
2.4.32 15171 PC Client Licence Tracking Improvements
2.4.32 15171 PC Client Montreal Area Code Improvement
2.4.30 15162 PC Client, Go Operator Improved support for Dialing from Outlook 2013
2.4.30 15162 PC Client, Go Operator Additional languages Introduced for: Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Hebrew & Turkish
2.4.30 15162 PC Client Fixed dialling rules for countries with no area codes (Qatar, Luxembourg, etc.)
2.4.30 15162 PC Client, Go Operator Resolved User list not working in "Select Peers" for "Messaging" and "Presence"
2.4.30 15161 PC Client, Go Operator Improved Dialling on formatted numbers within Salesforce
2.4.30 15161 PC Client, Go Operator All language dictionaries have been updated
2.4.30 15154 PC Client OCI Debugging Added to Client
2.4.30 15154 PC Client Fixed recently introduced directory download bug
2.4.28 15145 PC Client, Go Operator Custom View on Presence Updates Immediately
2.4.28 15144 PC Client Call history is no longer an hour out
2.4.28 15141 PC Client Disabled accounts now show as Offline (OCI)
2.4.28 15135 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed problem where local dialed numbers had no area code
2.4.28 15135 PC Client, Go Operator Call History Showing Local Numbers without Area Code now resolved.
2.4.28 15135 PC Client Small improvement to connections through webproxies
2.4.28 15130 PC Client, Go Operator Client no longer remains connected when "Account Disabled" status received (OCI)
2.4.28 15130 PC Client, Go Operator Removed Shift & Alt options from Hotkey Dialling
2.4.28 15130 PC Client, Go Operator The Preview window not showing caller's name if it has been found in an addin resolved
2.4.28 15126 PC Client, Go Operator Hyperlinks within text message are now clickable
2.4.27 15119 PC Client, Go Operator Improved IE Textbox dialing
2.4.27 15119 Server Added ability to dial numbers that require "wait for dialtone" using prefix:number, ie *92:90800500005
2.4.27 15119 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed tab order for "Shared Adress Book" Contact page
2.4.27 15115 PC Client, Go Operator Client upgrade no longer disables 'Application Dialling' settings
2.4.27 15113 PC Client, Go Operator Now integrates into Microsoft Outlook's GAL Contacts folder
2.4.27 15108 PC Client Fix: Version check in client configuration
2.4.26 15097 PC Client By default the XSI client is now set to TS/Citrix. The override is to use a command line parameter of: -devicemachine
2.4.26 15092 PC Client, Go Operator ODBC integration field search improved
2.4.26 15089 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed web page dialing issue within the Dynamics NAV 2013 integration
2.4.26 15081 PC Client, Go Operator ConnectWise integration - contact popping issue fixed
2.4.25 15082 PC Client Fixes for Message History (show bold text better)
2.4.25 15073 PC Client, Go Operator Added PhoneHelper to 'Set Associations' list and 'How do you want to open this link'
2.4.25 15071 PC Client Fixed DND/Call Forward status on the Presence Screen
2.4.25 15071 PC Client All changes made to the Presence Window are now getting stored
2.4.25 15071 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed dialling from Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8)
2.4.25 15069 PC Client, Go Operator Improved integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2.4.25 15066 PC Client, Go Operator Added bullet icon for "not monitored"
2.4.25 15065 PC Client, Go Operator Focus dialling bug fixed - Extended Screen on 2 x Monitors on PC with 2 Display cards
2.4.25 15063 PC Client, Go Operator Fix for dialing international numbers in format [49] 0211 1234567
2.4.25 15063 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed dialing from ACT!
2.4.25 15062 PC Client Introduced Conference option
2.4.25 15060 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed client "transfer" problem (introduced recently)
2.4.25 15060 PC Client Fixed the problem with the recurrent appointment set on Microsoft Outlook
2.4.25 15059 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed problems with SalesLogix Integration
2.4.25 15058 PC Client Added API support for text commands for agent login/out/state
2.4.25 15058 PC Client Improved internal name resolution for Call History for first party clients
2.4.25 15057 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed issue where the Client would fail to integrate with any pre-2013 ACT! Version
2.4.25 15056 PC Client, Go Operator Fixed German prefix codes
2.4.25 15047 PC Client eAgent added to standard integration list
2.4.25 15042 PC Client Update/Download feature now works as expected
2.4.23 Microsoft Outlook Integration fixed (No need for 2 email profiles in order to succesfully integrate with MS Outlook)
2.4.22 Anonymous Calls are no longer presented as an area code
2.4.22 PC Client Improved client behaviour when connection drops.
2.4.22 PC Client, Go Operator Issue fixed where Client would not store MS Outlook integration configuration settings
2.4.22 Inconsistency with the caller data presented on Wallboard has now been fixed
2.4.22 Chrome web dialling extension is now downloadable from the Chrome store.
2.4.22 When Go Integrator launched during call in progress it will now show the right off hook state.
2.4.22 Call Pickup removed from XSI variant.
2.4.22 Go Integrator now show more appropriate message when the trial license hits the expiry date.
2.4.22 Reliability of dialing from Google Contacts directory list improved.
2.4.22 Issue resolved with removed leading zero for international calls.
2.4.22 Fixes for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Screen Popping and "+" to "00" error.
2.4.22 Go Integrator now shows a correct Preview window state.
2.4.22 Outgoing CLI is now displayed correctly.
2.4.21 Registration Serial number error fixed
2.4.21 Events Error fixed when the 1st party client runs event on a missed call.
2.4.21 Fixed "Events" error when runing events on a missed calls
2.4.21 Fixed active session error
2.4.21 It is now possible to auto enable specific features acccording to service packs.
2.4.21 Added the option for Group/Enterprise.
2.4.20 Goldmine Integraiton - can now again search for the contact numbers in phone 3 field.
2.4.17 Wallboard: Fixed error with not picking up the correct service pack
2.4.2 Version number and copyright fixes
2.4.2 PC Client Fixed Call history not showing correct names in first party client
2.4.1 Added support for Broadsoft credentials to be pushed through Active Directory using a new administrative tool
2.4.0 PC Client Dialing fix for Foxpro-based applications (ie Pegasus Opera)
2.3.10 Presence window now shows bold for logged in users more correctly
2.3.6 Fix for dialing from Sage 200 / MMS
2.3.6 Fixed dialing integration caused by security (UIPI) options)
2.3.6 Added Outlook calendar support for first party clients
2.3.6 Country names now localized according to language.
2.3.1 More applications added to dialing exclusion list: Sage MMS, Iris, Phillips Transcribe, FileDirector
2.3.1 Added External and Direction filters for Events
2.2.8 Go TAPI GetDirectory now uses OCI on Broadsoft
2.2.6 Go TAPI Greece, South Africa - Area codes updated
2.2.6 IE dialing fixes - hyperlink checking / CRLF / etc
2.2.6 Fix that occurs on first party Broadsoft integration after editing configuration
2.2.5 Double clicking on a device/user in presence when already on phone now consults, and if local ext is ringing then deflects
2.2.4 Dialing now split Internet and Application onto separate threads.
2.2.4 Fixed bug where "application dialing" causes a problem with "file director" software (German product)
2.2.4 Go TAPI Fix for calling between Canada, USA and other NANPA countries (showed it as an international call)
2.2.2 Complex HTML pages (ie Sage CRM) now processed correctly for dialing
2.2.2 Fixes to Google integration to support locations
2.2.1 Client "WMS Idle" fix - XP problem
2.2.1 Act! now supported under Terminal Services. (Act isn't supported loaded twice under same username)
2.2.1 Location now a hyperlink in Call Pages
2.2.0 DDI number now available on Preview window
2.1.9 Go TAPI Area codes fixes for USA
2.1.8 Go TAPI Area code fix for when choosing an area that displays more digits than is in the official area code.
2.1.7 Address book searching now supports searching for telephone numbers properly
2.1.6 Address book searching now optimized for telephone numbers when used
2.1.6 Zoho and vTiger added
2.1.5 Go TAPI Added Finnish (Suomi)
2.1.5 Go TAPI Fixed Italy area codes
2.1.5 XP Shutdown fix (WMS Idle)
2.1.4 Users can now 'make call' when in a dialtone state
2.1.4 Go TAPI Fixed threadpool bug in client socket event processing
2.1.3 Multiple contacts found for the same application now handled differently. The address book window is popped instead of popping the 'first' contact.
2.1.3 Fixed dialing detection and runtime (Input boxes) for MS CRM5
2.1.1 Go TAPI Fixed handle leak when external contacts are seen for the first time
2.1.1 Go TAPI Error logs now output to event viewer
2.1.0 Icons for CRM plugins now used in config and preview/call pages
1.1.7 Go TAPI Some numbers are no longer being filtered away
1.1.7 Go TAPI Single line with multiple numbers no longer gets ignored
1.1.7 Go TAPI More robust search
1.1.7 Go TAPI Different page check: simplifies code
1.1.7 Go TAPI Removed 'ID' tags - redundant and caused more problems than fixed
1.1.7 Go TAPI Can select protocol type in options (instead of just 'dial' in-case of other software conflicting)
1.1.7 Go TAPI Search patterns updated
1.1.7 Go TAPI Added GUID filter
1.1.7 Go TAPI Options Introduced to replace hardcoded numbers on Web Pages
1.1.7 Go TAPI Some sites no longer break the icon transparency
1.1.7 Go TAPI Added another 'invalid number' rule
1.0.0 95 Wallboard Client Corrected insertion of default actions and events urls in Advanced configuration tab
1.0.0 95 Wallboard Client Adjustment of Advanced configuration GUI
1.0.0 94 Wallboard Client Field added for configuration of Xsi events and actions path
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Fix issue with crash if no host is configured.
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Added an Id to all wallboard layouts so we can rename them easily without breaking existing configured sites.
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Changed Capitalisation on configuration pages.
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Updated branding libraries to include Application name.
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Presence Wallboard saves area codes correctly
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Agent/call centre stats kept after restarting application
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Average Talk time is fixed (only shown on Basic layout)
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Change wallboard layout to be called “Basic Queue 1”
1.0.0 62 Wallboard Client Presence Wallboard Connects Correctly
1.0.0 109 Wallboard Client new layout (Layout 6)