Go Integrator Cara License Comparison

A three-tier licensing model has been introduced with Go Integrator Cara. The licenses are each a superset of each other, with a user only ever requiring a single license to be assigned.

Go Integrator Cara

Feature Solo Team Unite
Click to dial
Presence / BLF
Address Book
Call History
Recent calls
Missed calls
Call Control*
Preview window
Busylight support
App Bar
Show contact in edit mode
CRM Plus integrations (Outlook / Google Contacts)
Call Settings
Microsoft Teams-Go Integrator Teams Extension (Q1 2021)
Microsoft Teams-Show, Add, Pop CRM contact for call ringing / answered using Microsoft Teams##
Microsoft Teams-Select Microsoft Teams as preferred dialing device#
Microsoft Teams-Open Microsoft Teams chat from Cara Presence
Microsoft Teams-Show photo / avatar in Cara Presence
Microsoft Teams-Show peers Microsoft Teams availability### (Beta)
Softphone (Citrix and Terminal Services Not supported)
Preferred Device (Multi-device support)
Bluetooth mobile### (Beta)
Client API***
Toolbar Agent features
V3 CRM integrations (All others)
CRM Plus integrations (All others)
Cloud Contacts**

*Call control will vary by device type

**Database hosted by Service Provider

***APIs are different

#Requires Microsoft Teams direct routing (or similar)/Microsoft 365 Business Voice

##Requires Microsoft Teams direct routing (or similar)

###Currently available as a customer beta feature only with limited support. Feature may change without notice. Microsoft Teams Availability is Beta as the Microsoft API used is still in beta status.

Call recording Pause / Resume features are not available within initial release of Go Integrator Cara.