Presence window

In its most basic form, the Presence window provides a quick way to check the availability of your co-workers. The Presence window is accessible from the tray menu and contains a list of all the extensions (up to a maximum of 500).

Presence window

User/Extension details

User/Extension details

The current call status is indicated here by the icon.

Search text/number to dial

Search text/number to dial box

To filter the list of users/extensions, text can be typed into this box and the list will update to only show items containing that text.

User image/Call status icons

These icons indicate the current call status of each user/extension.

User image/Call status icons

Hover menu

If you hover over one of the entries in the list, then a context menu should appear.

Presence window hover menu

Assuming that you are not already on a call, then the menu should contain the Make call item.

Make call button

By choosing this action, you can dial the number directly.

You should also see the Show Detail item.

Show detail button

Clicking this will open the user detail window.

If you are already on a call, different items will appear in the menu.

Presence window hover menu on call

The Consult button places the current call on hold pending transfer and also makes a concurrent call to the selected number.

Consult button

The Transfer button transfers the call immediately (remember to say goodbye first).

Transfer button

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