Tray Menu

When Go Integrator Cara for Mac is running, a colored circle icon will be displayed in the Menu Bar.

The icon color represents the current user status: e.g. green for ready or available status.

To open the client and access tools and settings, click on the Go Integrator icon within the Menu Bar.

Icon Definitions:

tray menu home icon

Home:Return to main Tray mode menu

tray menu recent calls icon

Recent Calls:Summarised call history

tray menu preferred device icon

Preferred Device:Select the preferred device used to make and receive calls

tray menu help icon

Help:Search and open relevant topics in online help

menu bar

Related topic: Configuration.

Related topic: Presence.

Related topic: Address Book.

Related topic: Call History.

Icon Status Indicator

The Go Integrator icon color displayed represents the status of your user extension combined with your Microsoft Teams availability, if Microsoft Teams integration is enabled and active:

green icon status

Green: User is ready/available

red icon status

Red: User is busy (flashing indicates ringing)

amber icon status

Amber: User is away (flashing indicates current call on hold)

No Entry sign: User is set to Do Not Disturb

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