Search and Call for Microsoft Teams User Level Install

integrator search feature

1. Download the Search and Call for Microsoft Teams file and store it locally: Download.

2. Click on "Apps" at the bottom of the Microsoft Teams Menu.

3. Click "Manage your apps" at the bottom.

4. Click "Upload a custom app", and then "Upload and Custom app". This displays a file menu where you can select Search and Call for Microsoft Teams from the location it was saved in. Click Open.

integrator search feature

5. A new search will appear, click add.

Pinning to App Bar in Microsoft Teams

Search and Call for Microsoft Teams may not immediately appear on the App Bar

1. To pin the app, click on the 3 dots which will bring up a sub menu

teams pin app bar

2. Right click on Search and Call, and click "Pin"

teams pin app bar

Uninstalling from Microsoft Teams

To uninstall Search and Call for Microsoft Teams, right click on the Integrator pin and click uninstall.

Using Search and Call for Microsoft Teams

Go Integrator desktop client must be installed and running for Search and Call for Microsoft Teams to work.

Searching for Contacts

1. To access Search and Call for Microsoft Teams, click on the pin labeled Integrator on the App Bar

integrator search feature

2. A user can search for a contact using a contact name, company name or telephone number. This is done by typing one of these options (fully or partially) in the search for contacts field and pressing search.

3. Results will be displayed from any connected CRM and internal directories.

integrator search feature

Making a call

To make a call, click on the phone number from the search results. This will initiate a call within Go Integrator, using whichever device is selected as the preferred device. Subsequent Call control will be carried out using Go Integrator.

integrator search results

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