Wallboard Description

Using "Layout 1" as an example


ACD queue name: Statistics for 'Go Test Queue' call centre are visible in this column.

Threshold Status: Displays notifications based on the preconfigured: Call Waiting, Call Count and Colour scheme.

Average Talk Time: Average time an agent spent on a call (excluding ring time).

Agents Available: Number of agents available to take a call.

Average Queue Time: Average time a call was ringing before it was picked up.

Abandoned Calls: Calculate percentage of abandoned calls based on total number of calls.

Answered Calls: Total number of answered calls.

Calls in Queue: Displays current number of calls waiting in the queue.

Abandoned Calls: Displays number of abandoned calls.

Busy Agents: Number of busy agents, agents that are currently on a call.

Event Viewer

Properties window

Event Viewer allow administrator to check/clear logs and restart source (socket) connection.

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