Telephony settings

Serial number
Server details
Login details
Directory mode
Select your location

Serial number: The serial number field is where you enter your serial number in order to activate the product. *
* For rental model there is no need to enter the Serial Number.

Method: Choose the protocol via which you want to communicate with Service Provider platform for call control.

Server details: Enter your telephony server's URL address. **
** For rental model the XSP server address will be pre-programmed into Go Integrator for Mac and will not be visible.

Login details: Enter your username and password (these will normally be provided by your service provider).

Directory mode: Select the preferred directory mode which can be used to control the directory numbers you download from the telephone system provider. This is useful to improve the performance of the Presence window if you are part of a large organization. By default it is set to Group and your group is related to your username.

Select your location: Select your country and area code which are used to recognize local phone numbers.

Click the Save button to store any new/edited information or click the Cancel button to discard any new/edited information.

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