Bridge the Gap between your customers and your business systems

Go Integrator is a powerful unified communication software suite, which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with their Broadworks phone system.

Go Integrator allows end users to work more collaboratively and collectively, getting information about callers quickly and efficiently. The Go Integrator product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.

Go Integrator Lite

All the call functions you need with a simple click - dial, transfer, hold, consult and others plus integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts.

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Lite license not enough for you?

If you need access to even more integrations and want to save even more time, then the DB licence is for you.

Go Integrator DB image

Go Integrator DB

All the features of Go Integrator Lite with many custom and standard CRM applications and databases. This allows instant access to relevant information making the end user experience so much more efficient and saving the customer both time and ultimately money.

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Looking for a PC-based Attendant Console?

If you offer receptionist services and need to manage a high volume of calls then Go Operator is ideal for you.

Go Operator image

Go Operator

Go Operator is a full screen client application designed to make your phone easier and more convenient to use. Go Operator is a fully featured PC Console application incorporating many of the benefits of Go Integrator, including extension status, a range of dialing options and full CRM/Database integration for both directory searching, dialing and 'popping' contacts.

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Need real-time Contact Center reporting?

Go Wallboard is a lightweight, easy to install and cost effective ACD Wallboard for use with Broadworks Standard and Premium Call Center solutions.

Go Wallboard image

Go Wallboard

Go Wallboard is a separate client application within the Go Integrator product suite that displays live statistics of a Broadworks Call Center. It makes a direct connection to the Broadworks server using the XSI protocol over HTTP/S. No server is required at either the customer site or in the cloud. The statistics displayed are a mixture of statistics from the Broadworks server and those calculated by the application itself.

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Do you need TAPI?

The Go Integrator product suite now includes Go TAPI, a TAPI driver for Broadworks.

Go TAPI image


Go TAPI allows a PC to monitor and control extensions on a Broadworks communication system while providing a TAPI interface to a TAPI compliant application.

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